Fishing Gifts and Last-Minute Ideas For People Who Don’t Fish – But Need a Gift Idea

Selecting a fishing gift for anyone can be a challenging task, but this information will make your decision a little easier this holiday. A great gift will be one that hits close to home and is used, appreciated and enjoyed long it is given. Follow this article and you will have success this season with your fishing gift, even if you know nothing about the sport. The closer the store or organization is to your house, the better the gift will be.

1. Avoid National Stores

To that point, local is everything. Big box fishing stores and major retail stores lack local fishing gear and don’t match local waters. Even if they are close to your house, drive past these for a greater gift. Local stores know local waters. Giant national stores have a central home office and order based on national averages with only slight regional differences. These stores are also influenced by national product manufacturers and advertisers so they will stock anything they are getting great deals on or those products with the most financial support. A gift card to one of these is not the best choice.

2. Fishing Lessons

This might play out in your house. Fishermen leaves on Saturday morning before sun-up. Wakes up the house while getting ready. Some fishermen are back very quickly stating – “they’re not biting”. Lessons will work for them too. In other cases, the fishermen is gone all day long. Fishermen returns at the end of day with no fish, fishing was slow. You think to yourself, that couldn’t have been fun or we never have fish for dinner. I interrupt this paragraph to bring you this (Digression) I know. The running joke up in Door County, Wisconsin is that I have never brought back a fish meal in 20 years fishing there. I keep the myth alive with some catch -and-release these days – shhh don’t tell. It’s a vacation for me so I don’t get up early there and I don’t put that much effort into it. I rather enjoy the ridicule now as tradition there. (Back to the Lessons) For those of you who know anglers who have not returned with fish in years, you can get them some lessons. Local clubs like the Midwest Anglers & Chicago Fishing School offer educational seminars, on-water demos and individual lessons. Hit Google in your area for local clubs and purchase lessons for them. If you are near Chicago, you can purchase fishing lessons at Midwest Angler If you have a club, I encourage you to set up a school and teach fishing!

3. Fishing Club Membership

Not the national fishing club you see on trucks -that is just a bunch of ads – find your local fishing club and purchase your angler a membership or renew for them. In most cases, this is a $20 – $45 annual membership and a gift that will keep on giving! They sometimes have shirts or hats you can purchase along with the membership certificate. Be warned though, these are putzy old men, they might not have a very good “actual certificate” you can hand over as a gift. You might need to get out the computer or get a very nice card and hand make a certificate for presentation’s sake.

4. Local Wise Men Stock the Myrrh

By Wise Men, I am referring to the local bait shop owners. These tackle gurus scratch out a living season to season for a reason. With much smaller shops and no advertising budget, they must stock the good stuff, the items that catch fish. What they lack in space, they make up for in years of stocking their shelves with items requested from their millions of angler-interactions. Your pond close to home is their expertise and the gear on the walls of Roy’s Bait Hut – well, they match those waters perfectly. This can’t be said for the miles of shelves at G Mart or One Fish Pro Shops… Head to your local store and a gift certificate from that place will be gold dust to the angler you are gifting. You might have to Google-it, “tackle shop” followed by your zip code will reward you with the location of your local store. Give them a call regarding gift certificates.

5. No Myrrh? Try Frankincense

Ok, I am getting a little goofy with the headlines. If they don’t sell gift certificates, you need to get creative at your local shop. Go there and ask them to put together a “local pond/river” kit. Tell them your budget and use the local expert to assemble the best selection of products every assembled. While you don’t know a Hula-Popper from Betty Crocker, you will come off looking like a fishing Martha Stewart when you deliver this gift. No one has to know you had help from the local tackle geniuses. The best fishing gifts are found in the bait stores.

6. Tacky Fishing Joke Gifts

This headline has no pun – you’re welcome, but it might be just the gift you were looking for – a funny one. Sure there are online shops with catchy sayings (pun intended) screened on their shirts, mugs, hats. Nothing can match the tacky gifts that can be found at the real mccoy – the Bait Hut, and they know it. You will find some legit unsellable items hidden in the nooks and crannies of these gold mines. If humor is your goal, head to the minnow trough and take a left. Look up on the highest shelves and in the corners for the good stuff. Out-of-date trucker hats with typos, girls & fishing sayings, plaques – pirates don’t have as much treasure as is buried in tiny tackle stores. Keep it to yourself as when you are shopping you don’t want to tick off the purveyor of said store, prior to unearthing your treasure. Some owners – like Joe- at Joke’n Joe’s, for example have no outward sense of humor. The perch might think they’re funny but I’ve only seen him grumpy.

7. Fishing Magazines

In a pinch, a subscription or two to a national magazine can make a nice 12-month gift at a reasonable price. When calling these to order, you might check if they are already a subscriber and either try another magazine or renew their current membership. Great magazines to purchase include: Fishing Facts, In-Fisherman and American Angler.

Fishing Facts has nice articles and tackle reviews and is a great choice if you are on a budget for your gift! It sometimes comes with free tackle too. In-Fisherman will cost a little more but is packed with diagrams and graphic illustrations and is a great choice as well. American Angler is for the fly fisher who wants to study recreating bugs and fooling trout into biting. If the gift you are purchasing is for a fly fishermen, you know them to be a bit odd and into this – this is the way to go. I love fly fishermen – they are all a bit weird in a good way.

8. Super-Emergency Last Minute

Ok, this is where I save your bacon with the last-minute emergency gift. Even if you are a vegan or your religion prohibits eating pork, this will save more of your bacon. If you are a last-minute shopper, I guess I should have put this at the top of the article and not had these goofy intro sentences to slow you down. OK! Menard’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot. Find the nearest that is open late on the way to your gift-giving and there you will find the following: Tool/Tackle Storage, Small Clippers, Warm Hats, Baseball Caps and even fishing-related gifts. Last time I was in Menard’s they had fishing bird-houses, a Christmas (or holiday) village with a bait store, light-up ice fishermen and more. In their paint section they have steel signs that are perfect for the shop, garage or fishing work bench.

When we go fishing, we usually have a favorite place to either pick up the sandwiches or to stop and get a hot meal on the way home. A gift card to one of these places will be a very welcome gift. If you have the energy, skill and ingredients, you can make us cookies, brownies or bars for fishing. Whether on the boat or on shore, home-made treats are always welcome. Someone on a bass show once described fishing 8 hours in a padded bass boat as a “marathon-like” effort. While I think the running might be more of a strain- battling the elements on shore or from boat in Spring & Fall can sap your energy. Your home-made treats might not keep long enough to get us outdoors, so you might need to give a certificate for that which we can redeem later. Then again, there’s always Arby’s.

I hope these gift suggestions help you out with your shopping on any holiday. Do have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Wonderful Kwanza, or just celebrate and have a great New Year!

Tips For Taking Care of Your Linen Clothing

Men and women both love wearing texture clothing. Linen fabric is smooth, soft and less elastic. Whenever you purchase clothes or for that matter any other item, you want your purchase to last long. At the same time, you want to wear clean clothes. You cannot do that without routine washing. Some clothes need to be taken extra care of, if you want them to last long.

3 Tips and much more

Texture clothing needs good treatment, if you want your linen wardrobe to last for more years and be in outstanding wearable condition. There are some basics you need to keep in mind while taking care of your linen garments.

Linen clothes are much stronger than cotton clothes, but still if they are not washed properly, you might end up damaging your texture clothing. Therefore, make sure that you wash and launder your linen clothes with utmost care. Remember, texture clothing should not be washed with bleaches or high chemical detergents. You should use delicate and soft powder detergents or even shampoos for washing your linen clothing.

Before washing your linen clothes, you should always keep in mind to follow instructions mentioned on your linen clothes. Not all linen clothes are bought from the stores, so not all will have the instructions mentioned on them. Therefore, the general washing procedure for pattern clothing is using gentle detergents. Wash linen clothing with soft water because hard water can make your linen clothes dreary and hard.

Your linen clothing can be simple as well as embroidered. Pattern clothing is known to have wrinkles, which can be easily removed by light weight ironing. The reason why we suggest light weight ironing for linen clothing is because it is made of flax fibres that enhance its charm and shine; by using a heavy weight iron, you will be losing the gleam of your linen clothing. You should iron your pattern clothing when it is still left with a little moisture, this way you will be able to get rid of the linen wrinkles very quickly. Use steam iron for your linen clothing for best results.

Similarly, you should hang your linen clothes as soon as you iron them. Another thing that is important in taking care of your linen garments is to air dry them. You should never over dry or expose your linen clothing excessively under the sun because the resultant will be dull linen clothes. Make sure that after drying and ironing, you hang them in a moderate weathered storage place, not too cool or too hot.

Other ways to take care of your pattern clothing is to avoid using paints and oily products while wearing it. Because there are some stains that can only be washed away by using bleaches, while using bleaches for your linen clothing is definitely not a good idea. High quality texture clothing should definitely be taken care of, if you want it to be in its best wearable condition. Log on to websites for more information in this regard.

Impulsive Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be great fun but sometimes it can be hard to find the time to do it. Especially when you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for wife or Christmas gift for girlfriend. Some of the fun which often stem from Christmas present shopping are going over budget, buying Christmas items and even forgetting about items that were already purchased. All of these fun can pose their own set of dilemmas and this article will discuss the ramifications of impulsive Christmas shopping. However, it is important to remember that although there are many fun associated with Christmas present shopping there is also some merit to this shopping tactic.

Going over budget is one of the major concerns of impulsive Christmas shopping. A common scenario is to pick up a few small items each time you go out Christmas shopping. These gifts may seem small and seemingly harmless to your budget but they can add up over time. One way to combat this problem is to write down each item and the price of every gift you buy. This will help you to be aware of how these small gifts can add up and may prevent you from shopping on whim in the future.

Purchasing Christmas gifts is another problem associated with impulsive Christmas shopping. You may see a few small items which you think will make cute gifts at the time but after you purchase these items you might realize they are actually quite silly. When this occurs you have two choices you can either return the item or replace it for a more meaningful gift or you could keep the item and give it to your friend or relative anyway. If you opt to return the item you may find yourself pressed for time to find a replacement gift depending on when you started shopping. If it is close to Christmas already, you may have difficulty finding some thing at the last minute and may have no choice but to give your friend or relative the gift you purchased on an whim.

Sometimes you can forget with Christmas present shopping is forgetting about items you have already purchased. If you purchase a number of small items on whim you may put these gifts in a safe location and then completely forget about them. When this happens you may end up buying additional gifts for those on your guest list who were supposed to receive the whim gifts you already purchased. This can cause you to go over budget and also create unnecessary stress.

While there are many fun which are often associated with Christmas gifts shopping, it is important to remember that sometimes Christmas present for wife shopping is a good idea. When you see an item that you just know will make the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or relative and purchase the item without giving it any thought that is the exact definition of impulsive shopping. However, it is also not necessarily a bad thing. Buying gifts for her on whim is not a problem when the gift you purchase is a great gift for the intended recipient but when Christmas gifts for her shopping becomes problematic when it causes the shopper to go over budget or purchase silly items they wouldn’t normally buy.

Lifestyle Lift Cosmetic Surgery

The lifestyle lift is provided as an alternate form of cosmetic surgery and has been very popular since its start in 2001. This treatment typically works just like the conventional facelift; however, it is cheaper, safer and is known for being convenient.

This procedure is best for people who are showing several different signs of aging. The typical signs of aging are creases, wrinkles, and a surplus of facial fat that all can be taken care of just by tightening up the skin. The normal age for this treatment is between forty-five and sixty-five. Clients above the age of seventy are evaluated for good health before undergoing the treatment.

Other clients include people who do not necessarily have aging wrinkles, but who have had medical issues; a doctor must approve this first. A medical history is normally obtained before this procedure. The Lifestyle Lift cosmetic surgery on the face requires some kind of numbing agent like a topical cream to help minimize the pain. Some patients who get nervous during surgery ask for a mild sedative to go along with the numbing cream.

After the cream is applied, an S-shape incision is made right in front the ear. The muscles and skin are then tightened to allow for a better fit on the facial structure. Excess skin is then removed in order for the tightened area to heal in the correct location. Many of the lines and any remaining signs of aging can therefore be reduced or even eliminated after this treatment. Liposuction has been known to help give you better results.

The treatment normally takes one hour and then the client can go back to regular activities with hardly any restrictions. The most usual side effects are normally bruising and swelling which subside in about seventy-two hours. Total recovery takes about one week after the Lifestyle Lift treatment.

Of course all cosmetic type surgeries are not completely risk free. Whenever an incision is made, there is risk of developing an infection around that site. Another side effect is when the pain or numbness does not leave and stays for longer periods of time than specified. The most important factor for any type of surgery has to be safety. It is encouraged to investigate each option thoroughly so that complications can be reduced and avoided.